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Lots of goals you want to achieve but no idea how? Our consulting service, is here to help you with your needs. We will help you get on target by hitting the bullseye of your situation. We offer business advice, mentorship, counseling, and spiritual guidance, at FELT 360 we’re here to help. Through relaxing face-to-face sessions we can help you face the future with newfound strength and confidence. So contact us through our booking form for an appointment today and let’s get started.

Our Awesome Team

Our elite transformation coaches are the backbone of our business. With years of experience and a history of positive results, each and every one of them can confidently back up their expertise. Every coach working with us has a distinct approach, and this rich background gives us the ability as a business to connect with anybody individual regardless of where they come from. Our coaches will listen to your needs and work with you to meet every milestone.

Spiritual Advisors and Guidance

A spiritual advisor can be a helpful source of guidance and consolidation when you’re feeling a bit lost or going through a tough time. Our experienced psychics offer holistic reading services to help you develop spirituality through meditation techniques, spiritual healing, and tarot reading that will provide insight, peace of mind, and clarity towards any of the problems you’re going through.


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